Surprise for Men : A makeup line by Chanel- " Boy de Chanel"!
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Surprise for Men : A makeup line by Chanel- ” Boy de Chanel”!

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Good News for all the Men: Now you can also moisturise your lips and darken your eyebrows with the new makeup line by Chanel!

Yes, this is true! Chanel Beauty is launching all new makeup line for men. The makeup line will consist of three product range which includes a lip balm for giving best moisturising to the lips, tinted foundation fluid which will be available in four colours and four shades of eyebrow pencil which will give your eyebrows a fine and dusty look!

Chanel is one of the most known and most highly-sought fashion brands! It has a wide range of products like perfumes, makeup, handbags etc. It is one of the premium brands which is loved by all the people in the world.

Chanel already has products for men which includes handbags and perfumes. This comes under the franchise for boys by Chanel.

The Boy de Chanel, the new Chanel makeup line,  has proved that “beauty is not about gender but it’s about style”.

Makeup is not only for women, this has clearly been justified by Chanel. Looking beautiful is the right of all the people whether the person is man or women.

The Chanel makeup line has been launched in Korea on September 1 for the first time.

The collection will be available for the whole world in November on the house’s e-commerce platforms and in January 2019 in the boutiques of Chanel.

I hope all the men would be very happy to hear this news as everybody has the right look beautiful!



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