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Home Remedise for dry lips
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Dry Lips? Do Not worry! Try these home remedies for dry lips!

If you are facing the problem of dry lips them must read these natural home remedies for dry lips. What causes Lips to dry? Harsh Weather Pollution Alcohol Consumption Certain medications Home Remedies: 1. Honey and Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Take sufficient amount of honey on your finger and apply it on your lips and then …

hair color for women
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Planning to Color your Hair? Have a look at hair colors in trend!

If you are planning to color your hair then you must take a look at these hair color for women. 1. Golden Ombre Ombre still remains a popular hair color for women. Ombre is coloring your hair in a way that your hair gradually blends from one color at the top to another towards the bottom.  Ombre gives a …

Home Remedies for Glowing Skin
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Want a natural glow on your skin? Then try these home remedies to get a glowing skin.

Everybody wishes to have a glowing skin, but only a few people know that it is easy to get that perfect glow. Try these simple home remedies for glowing skin to fulfil your wish of getting that glow on your face. Our skin is exposed to pollution and various chemicals throughout the day, this makes our …

Chanel Make up
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Surprise for Men : A makeup line by Chanel- ” Boy de Chanel”!

Good News for all the Men: Now you can also moisturise your lips and darken your eyebrows with the new makeup line by Chanel! Yes, this is true! Chanel Beauty is launching all new makeup line for men. The makeup line will consist of three product range which includes a lip balm for giving best …

Home Remedies for Suntan
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Along with Summer comes the Sun Tan! Check out the Home Remedies to remove the sun tan naturally!

When summer comes it brings the Sun Tan problem with it. But we have to deal with it, So don’t worry as Attire You Love is here to solve your problem naturally! P.S: Remember to always apply a moisturiser with SPF before stepping out of the home. Home Remedies for removing Sun Tan: Honey and Lemon …

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Washing Your Face? But not cleaning it? Check out the steps to clean your face!

Wash your face all the time but do not cleanse it? We wash our face all the time but only washing does not help! We must cleanse our face to keep it glowing and also clean. We live in an environment where heat and pollution can cause damage to our skin, therefore cleansing should be a daily …

Huda Beauty on NYKAA
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Surprise by Nykaa: Your favorite Huda Beauty complete collection is now available on Nykaa.

Nykaa is the online friend of all the girls as it fulfils all their make up demands! This time also Nykaa has done the same thing by bringing the complete collection of Huda Beauty online and in its stores. Nykaa is an Indian online beauty destination which sells beauty and wellness products. Nykaa was founded by …

One of the best foundations available in India.
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Love Using Foundation on your skin? Confused about which one to Buy? Click to see best foundations for your skin!

Looking for a new foundation? Attire You Love will help you out. Check out the Best foundations in India. 1. L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24h Foundation This one is really effective and long-lasting foundation for Indian Skin. It proves to give a very high coverage and also lasts for 24hrs, which is a great quality of …

Home remedies for oily skin
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Monsoon Season is all about Oily Skin, Don’t worry Attire You Love is there to solve your problem. Home Remedies for Oily Skin:   1.Wash your face: People with oily skin should wash their face with cold water at least thrice a day. This would help remove excess oil coming up and accumulating on the …

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Boost your hair growth with these home remedies.

Falling hair or slow hair growth? Try these home remedies to deal with bad hair days! What causes hair fall? How your hair develops relies upon various factors and how they supplement and cooperate with each other. Here is the rundown of the variables that can weaken hair growth: Maturity Undesirable eating regimen prompting vitamin, …