This one is for Brides to be : Latest wedding dress trends 2018.
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This One is for Brides-To-Be!! Dresses which you should not miss to check out for your wedding days!

latest wedding dress trend 2018
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All the brides need to take a look at these latest wedding dress trends which will all the way glorify your bride charm!!

Looking like a princess on her wedding day is the dream of every girl.  But for looking like a princess, there goes a lot amount of hard work in terms of planning for the dresses and actually buying it as the dress should be pretty, unique and classy !! But do not worry, Attire you love is there to help you out by telling the latest wedding dress trends 2018. Have a look to live your dream!!

Latest wedding dress trends 2018 :

1. Red Flary Lehenga!

bridal Lehenga by Shyamal & Bhumika

Red is always the colour of the bridal lehenga. And this red flare Lehenga by Shyamal & Bhumika should definitely be on your top list for your wedding day. As Flares are in great trend this year, this lehenga will be the give you a pretty and trendy look altogether.

2. Shimmery Lehenga

Shimmer Lehenga by Shyamal & Bhumika

A bride always shines on her wedding day and wearing a shimmery lehenga will increase her shine on the D day. This pretty lehenga is also designed by Shyamal and Bhumika and it is a must try if you are a shimmery lover.

You can explore the Shyamal & Bhumika bridal collection here:





3. Ruffle Lehenga

Lehenga by Arpita Mehta


Ruffles are in great trend this season. You will find ruffles in many designer dresses. This pretty lehenga by Arpita Mehta can definitely be a part of your wedding functions. Ruffles with green colour will definitely give you a fresh look on your wedding function.

4. More Floral means more pretty look!

#floral lehenga #by Sabyasachi


Florals and florals… You must have seen floral dresses, floral tops, and now its turn for floral lehenga as floral is in everyone’s wardrobe this season.

But one whose wardrobe will get this floral lehenga by Sabyasachi would by the lucky one! As by wearing this lehenga, the bride will look as pretty as a beautiful flower, on her wedding day.

5. Long Trail Dresses




Long trails are also long in fashion as they look so unique and the trail gives a western look to the lehenga. One who will get to wear the trail lehenga on her wedding day will definitely shine in the crowd.






I hope Attire You Love has resolved your confusion regarding your wedding dresses!! All the Best for your D Day!

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