Something Different About Saree by Chola The Label!
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Something different about Saree!!

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This is what CHOLA THE LABEL has brought for you that will dismiss your trouble of wearing a saree !!!!

This Contemporary Drape Saree by Chola The Label is to pretty to miss!!

Saree is what is really liked in Indian Culture, Indians love wearing Saree, but Saree like this would be really unique to wear. One who will wear this Saree will get all eyes on her.

Chola is a brand Sohaya Mishra is a designer from Mumbai. Sohaya Mishra has 18 years of experience in film and advertising led her to launch a brand called Chola.

Sohaya Mishra says that her clothes are easy to wear and tend to go with the flow. CHOLA is an accessible luxury label and it is the brand which is loved by all age groups. The clothes can be layered in various ways so they can be given a completely different look every time they are worn.

“My clothes are easy to wear and flattering, and like me, tend to go with the flow. Travel, people and places are a big source of ideas for me. I think what makes my clothes click is the fact that they flatter all body shapes and sizes. Since I haven’t studied fashion formally, my designs come from my state of mind and my heart. I like working with simple, raw and comfortable fabrics.”

The unique thing about Sohaya Mishra is that her clothes are made from the post-consumer waste cotton. She thinks that the world is one place and we live on one planet so why to go anything in waste when we can save!

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